BRING YOUR Favorite Furry Family Member and enjoy a day filled with fun, food and entertainment.  This annual fundraising event grows bigger and bigger every year.

Location:  Jeffords Park, Sylvester, Georgia

Time:  8:00am - 4:00pm

For the doggies:  Dog Parade, Games, and Contest

For the humans:  Adoptions, Massages, Food, Music, Raffles, Silent Auction, Kiddie Activities.

Non-profit organizations are invited to reserve

booths at no cost.


Furry Fun 

Rules: Two tickets are required for each competition ($1.00 each) and may be purchased at the Information window throughout the day. Prior to each contest an announcement will be made and time allowed for ticket purchases. Each contest will award three places. Points will be awarded for each place. Judges or an audience vote will determine the winners in all contests and the decisions of the judges are final. Total points accrued will determine the Top Dog Award.

1. Shortest Dog – Scored by judges. (measurement from the floor to the top of the head)

2. Best Tail Wagger – Winner determined by audience vote

3. Red Light & Green Light – Scored by judges. Elimination (Handlers heel dogs on green light and sit their dog on red. Judges eliminate the slowest to follow commands.)

4. Singing Contest – Winner determined by audience vote

5. Best Kisser – Winner determined by audience vote

6. Best Trick – Winner determined by audience vote

7. Peter Pan Peanut Butter Lick – Scored by judges. First dog to finish the peanut butter wins.

8. Musical Sit -Scored by judges. Dogs and handlers heel in a circle while music plays. When the music stops each dog must sit inside a hoop. One hoop is removed each round. Last dog remaining is the winner.

9. Who’s a Shredder? – Scored by judges. Handlers have 60 sec to brush their dogs. One handler holds a bag, the other brushes and packs the hair. Handlers may supply their own grooming tool, but no Furninators. The dog that sheds the most hair is the winner.

10. Longest Tail – Scored by judges. Measured from base to tip by judges

11. Dudley Says – Scored by judges. A canine version of Simon Says, handlers must follow instructions from the Judge, but only when “Dudley Says”. Eliminations are made as teams fail to follow “Dudley Says” direction. The last team remaining wins.

12. Tallest Dog – Scored by judges. Measured from floor to top of head

13. Rip Van Winkle Sleep Off – Scored by judges. Elimination (Time begins at start signal. All dogs must be down position when time starts. Dog holding position longest without moving wins (up to 60 sec). Dogs must lie completely still. Handlers may remain with pets, stroking and talking during the competition. Dogs will be eliminated by judges when movement is detected.

14. Leave It – Scored by judges. Dogs sit in front of a plate with a handler at their sides. Handlers direct their dogs to “stay”, by whatever means they choose. Treats are placed on the plate one at a time. It the dog breaks the “stay” and goes for the treats (s)he is eliminated. Last dog remaining wins.

15. Doggie Diva Costume Competition – Winner determined by audience vote